A step forward in developing human resources in rural tourism


Results at end of implementing the project
“Human resource, valuable investment in Romanian rural tourism” 
(ID: 36694) Invest in people! 
36 months of implementation: all goals achieved!
RGIC Consultancy organizes Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012, at 10 a.m., in the Ion Heliade Radulescu Auditorium of the Romanian Academy the national conference for concluding the project “Human resource, valuable investment in Romanian rural tourism” (ID: 36694) Invest in people! co-financed by European Social Fund (ESF) within the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013.
Implemented during 36 months by RGIC Consultancy together with 11 national and transnational partners - A.N.T.R.E.C. Romania and is regional branches (A.N.T.R.E.C. Bihor, A.N.T.R.E.C. Caras Severin, A.N.T.R.E.C. Brasov, A.N.T.R.E.C. Neamt), Apuseni Tourism Association, Training in Tourism Management School (FMT), Cardinal Jobs, Euro-Link Consultants, Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) and Athens Network of Collaborating Experts (ANCE) -, the project has made some achievements that contribute to the sustainable development of Romanian rural tourism.
The main objective of project was to increase skills and employability of people in rural areas through access to integrated training programs in non-agricultural professions requested on the labor market.
Mrs. Otilia Manta, Administrator of RGIC Consultancy and Project manager, declared: “We are now in the position to asses that all indicators were met and we have managed, together with our partners, to follow the implementation schedule without major impediments. Thus, within the project have taken place four training sessions for specific professions of rural tourism (pension administrator, waiter, chef and maid) that have benefited 830 trainees, selected from a target group of 2030 people: 610 managers and employees of rural guesthouses and 220 unemployed people seeking work or persons engaged in rural subsistence agriculture.” 
Besides the training programs, other important objectives of the project included: the creation of a multiregional network of centers of coordination of human resources development services in rural tourism; the study on unemployment and the situation of persons employed in subsistence agriculture in the regions under project; a database of tourist units in rural areas; the guide of good practice in rural tourism; counseling and assistance for initiating a business in rural tourism etc.
The 200 partnership agreements concluded in all five regions covered by the project and in Greece, with local authorities, employment agencies, tourism agencies, employers' associations, NGOs, etc... are all reasons of satisfaction for the project team. In fact, the partnerships, together with the training programs were the activities leading to achieving the project objectives.
The project manager thanks all the partners, experts, trainees, lecturers and everybody else who has contributed to the successful implementation of the project. The effort was great, but the results are so that we can confidently say, without any mistake, that the project has contributed to the development of rural tourism in Romania by improving the human resource quality in this area.
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